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  • Why You Should Consider Clear Aligner Therapy, Like Invisalign
    Crooked or misaligned teeth can prevent you from feeling comfortable showing off your smile in public and can stop you from feeling comfortable in social situations. Invisalign is an easy Read more
  • Restore Your Smile In One Day
    The development of the CEREC system is one of the most revolutionary developments in dentistry. It allows your dentist to create a new dental crown or restoration right there in Read more
  • What Are The Different Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry?
    Getting the smile you want can sometimes involve more than just brushing and flossing. When you are ready to take your smile to the next level, we can help. The Read more
  • What Is CEREC?
    Eagle Rock Family Dentistry offers CEREC dental restorations, a method of providing California residents with a CEREC same-day crowns in Los Angeles, CA. CEREC Defined When you need a crown, typically, you visit the Read more
  • How TMD Affects Teeth
    Your dentists in Los Angeles, CA, can help with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Your teeth can take a beating, especially if you continually grind and clench them in your sleep. Grinding your Read more
  • Discover What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for Your Smile
    How cosmetic dentistry procedures from your dentists in Los Angeles, CA, can enhance your smile. Nature and genetics don’t always give you the smile you want. That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes Read more
  • The Benefits Of Same Day Crowns
    When you’re dealing with a deeply damaged or decayed tooth, the tooth needs to be covered by a dental crown in order to prevent any further damage from happening in Read more
  • Does My Child Need Braces?
    Crooked teeth are embarrassing and impact people's self-esteem, especially if you've had the problem since you were a child. Drs. R.K. Chetty, Chethan Chetty, and Gizelle Pera get it, and Read more
  • What To Know About Invisalign
    It’s never too late to have the smile you’ve always wanted. We know how important it is for our patients, particularly our older patients, to feel confident in their smiles; however, Read more
  • We Provide Cerec Same-Day Crowns
    CEREC same-day crowns are an exciting advancement in tooth restoration. CEREC technology makes it possible to restore a damaged tooth in one day rather than waiting several weeks for a Read more
  • Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Services
    How your cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles, California can enhance your smile. You go to the dentist regularly, but how much do you know about cosmetic dentistry services? The truth is, Read more
  • J-Lo's Unlucky Break: Chipping a Tooth on Stage
    Whether she’s singing, dancing or acting, Jennifer Lopez is a performer who is known for giving it all she’s got. But during one show, Lopez recently admitted, she gave a Read more
  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes Could Lower Your Risk of Oral Cancer
    Oral cancer is one of the more dangerous malignancies people face. But there are ways you can reduce your risk of this deadly disease through changes in lifestyle habits and Read more
  • Facial Nerve Pain Can be Controlled
    Every year 150,000 people, mostly women over age 50, find out they have a painful condition called trigeminal neuralgia. For many it begins as an occasional twinge along the face Read more
  • Practice Daily Hygiene to Avoid Gum Swelling While Wearing Braces
    Straightening your smile doesn't happen overnight—it can involve months or even years of orthodontic treatment. And although the end result is well worth it, the long process can make it Read more
  • What You Can Do About Bad Breath (Unless You're a Famous Actress Pranking Your Co-Star)
    Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence is a highly paid actress, Oscar winner, successful producer and…merry prankster. She's the latter, at least with co-star Liam Hemsworth: It seems Lawrence deliberately ate tuna Read more

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