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Do I Need Braces?

Patient with BracesMillions of people across the United States wear some form of orthodontic appliances or braces. A full 20 percent of those patients are adults, says the American Academy of Orthodontists. Does your smile need treatment with braces? At Eagle Rock Family Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA Dr. Chethan Chetty and Dr. R.K. Chetty help patients of all ages who have smile alignment problems. You could be one of them.

Why braces?

Orthodontic evaluation and treatment go back generations. We all remember the metal braces of childhood, and those conventional appliances, with their brackets and archwires, are still a preferred treatment method today.

The reasons for getting braces varies from person to person, from age group to age group and from lifestyle to lifestyle. Your dentists in Los Angeles commonly recommend braces when they see problems with:


  • Tooth and jaw development
  • Dental alignment
  • Dental bite

While people may think of their personal appearance first, cosmetics are not the only reason for braces. Metal, lingual (tongue-side) and ceramic braces, along with clear aligners such as Invisalign, also recreate smiles to be less crowded and gapped and to correct problems such as overbite, underbite, tooth rotation, protruding front teeth, impacted canines, congenital absence of teeth, and more.

Straight teeth are healthier teeth, maintains the American Dental Association (ADA) because they:

  • Are easier to keep clean, accumulating less plaque and tartar
  • Develop fewer cavities
  • Keep dental bite, or occlusion, balanced, preventing excessive and premature enamel wear, headaches, earaches, facial pain and jaw joint problems (such as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)
  • Help avoid destructive gum disease which leads to tooth loss and systemic health problems
  • Help make speech clearer
  • Improve digestion (you can chew and swallow more easily with a proper smile)
  • Less risk for injury to soft tissues and teeth

Evaluation and treatment

In general, all types of braces move teeth into more functional and healthier positions which appear more attractive. The appliances exert varying amounts of pressure on the teeth, bone, and supporting ligaments. Over time, new bone forms around the tooth roots, supporting teeth in their new positions.

To determine if you need braces, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy enough to get braces. Basically, your mouth should have no active decay and gum disease. Then, he'll uses digital X-rays, photos, and a special CT scan to understand what kind of correction would suite your smile best. Oral impressions--either digital or with traditional putty and trays--help the dental lab fabricate your appliances. Of course, your Los Angeles dentist always considers your personal smile goals. They're critical to your treatment plan.

Find out more

Braces are an investment of your time, effort and financial resources, and of course, they impact your smile for a lifetime. So, contact your friends at Eagle Rock Family Dentistry for a full orthodontic evaluation. They'll help you make a good decision. We know you'll love your new smile. Call today at (323) 258-2885.

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