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Signs You May Need Braces

At Eagle Rock Family Dentistry, Dr. R.K. Chetty and Dr. Chethan Chetty take care of all aspects of your oral health, including how straight orthodonticsyour teeth are. If your smile is crooked, gapped, crowded or has serious bite problems, you likely are a candidate for braces. Whether traditional metal or ceramic braces could fix your alignment issues, the staff at Eagle Rock Family Dentistry can help. And yes, braces aren't just for children and teens anymore.

Signs you may need braces

You look in the mirror and see spacing problems when you smile. One tooth seems rotated in the wrong direction, too. Frankly, your smile appearance is discouraging. Displeasure at your smile aesthetics is one sign that you may need braces.

Other signs are more physical than emotional. Your dentist notices premature wear on your teeth, including some restorations that seem ready for replacement. Your bite is misaligned and your teeth do not come together properly.

Additionally, your smile is crowded, and therefore, it's harder to clean and to stave off tooth decay and gum disease. While all these issues are real threats to your oral health, function and longevity, they may be corrected with traditional braces. You and your dentist can decide what option is right for you after an oral exam, digital X-rays, other kinds of imaging and oral impressions.

Other signs someone needs orthodontics

So while your issues are crowding and poor dental bite, other people--children, teens and adults included--may have:

  • Over bite, where the top teeth extend too far over the bottom arch
  • Under bite, in which the bottom teeth extend too far over the upper arch
  • Open bite, where the front teeth do not touch at all
  • Cross bite, in which the top and bottom arch do not meet at the mid line of the mouth
  • Tooth tipping, where the top of a tooth, or teeth, angles forward or backward rather than straight up and down
  • Overject, or protruding front teeth

Additionally, a prospective orthodontic patient may have difficulty speaking and eating because his or her jaws are incorrectly aligned. Mouth breathing and excessive teeth grinding are warning signs, too.

If you or your child have been struggling with these signs or others, please consult Eagle Rock Family Dentistry. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists states that children should be evaluated for braces by age seven to ward off serious dental issues and to take advantage of the fluidity of the growing face and jaw. This concept is called interceptive care.

Whether your problems are from oral trauma, heredity, childhood thumb-sucking or other oral condition, the professional and caring team at Eagle Rock Family Dentistry, right here in Los Angeles, is ready, willing and able to help. Achieve a wonderful looking and well-functioning smile through orthodontics. Call today for a consultation in Los Angeles, CA: (323) 258-2885.

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