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How TMD Affects Teeth

Your dentists in Los Angeles, CA, can help with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Your teeth can take a beating, especially if you continually grind and clench them in your sleep. Grinding your teeth at night can be a cause of a temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD, which can lead to tooth pain, jaw pain, and headaches. The good news is, your dentist can treat grinding, clenching, and TMD, protecting your teeth from further damage.

Drs. RK Chetty, Chethan Chetty, and Gizelle Pera at Eagle Rock Family Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA, provide a wide range of dental services, including treatment of TMD, grinding, and sleep apnea. They proudly serve residents of Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, and Glassell Park, CA.

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is a complex joint that moves by sliding, so it opens and closes your mouth. The TMJ can be moved out of position, causing friction and wear on the joint. Eventually, the joint can become damaged, resulting in chronic pain and TMD.

You might have TMD if you notice:

  • Severe jaw pain that doesn’t resolve
  • Frequent, debilitating headaches
  • Facial pain that radiates to other areas
  • Frequent earaches
  • Pain and stiffness when you open and close your mouth
  • A clicking or popping sound when you open and close your mouth
  • Your jaw locks in place when you open and close your mouth

If you think you might have TMD, seek out treatment as soon as you can. Your teeth are at risk of wear-and-tear, cracking, chipping, and breaking. Your dentist may recommend these effective treatments for TMD:

  • Custom-fit splints, night guards, or bite guards.
  • Stretching and physical therapy
  • Prescription anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, or sedative medications

Nightguards are also an excellent solution to protect your teeth from night grinding and clenching. A custom nightguard fits your teeth exactly, so it is comfortable when you wear it during sleep. A nightguard will prevent damage to your teeth from grinding. We use digital scanning and 3D printed nightguards as part of our cutting-edge treatment.

To learn more about how TMD affects your teeth, and dental services including teeth grinding and sleep apnea treatment, talk with the experts. Call Drs. RK Chetty, Chethan Chetty, and Gizelle Pera at Eagle Rock Family Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. You can reach them at (323) 258-2885, so call today!

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