Restore Your Smile in One Visit
By Eagle Rock Family Dentistry
June 13, 2017
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Getting a dental crown just got a whole lot easier!CEREC Technology

Another day, another set of errands and things to do, right? People are constantly running from one thing to the next that they often feel like they can’t put one more thing in their schedules. Despite that, it’s important that your smile gets the care it needs. A smile won’t wait around for your schedule to get easier. If you think you might need a dental crown, our Eagle Rock dentists, Drs. R.K. and Chethan Chetty could provide you with a brand new restoration in just one quick visit.

CEREC technology has made it possible for us to provide you with strong and beautiful restorations without having to come back for multiple visits.At Eagle Rock Family Dentistry, we can design and make your restoration while you wait. In fact, it often only takes about one hour to create and make your new dental crown. How’s that for fast and efficient?

How does CEREC technology work?

With traditional dental crowns, once your tooth has been prepared and is ready for a dental crown, we will need to take molds of the tooth. These impressions are sent to an outside lab that would make your restoration. Then, we would have to fit you with a temporary dental crown (which isn’t always the most reliable) while the lab works on creating your permanent crown over the course of a week or more.

With CEREC technology, we can do away with this putty and take the impressions we need with a small handheld camera, which will capture images and measurements of your tooth. These photos will be uploaded on the computer where they will turn into 3D images. These 3D images will help us design a dental crown using CAD-CAM technology that offers digital accuracy of fit and function.

Once we have used this computer software to design your crown, the next step is to make your restoration. We select a block of porcelain to match your teeth. We place this block in a CNC machines that carve the porcelain block into your tooth! Once your crown is complete, we will place it, check the overall fit and then cement it in place to complete your smile.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you still have time to care for your smile. Call Eagle Rock Family Dentistry in Los Angeles to find out more about CEREC crowns and whether they are right for you.


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