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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Are you embarrassed to smile because of missing teeth? Do your current tooth replacements fit poorly and look artificial? If so, why not dental implantsexplore today's modern, natural-looking and stable artificial teeth? Designed and placed by Dr. R.K. Chetty and Dr. Chethan Chetty at Eagle Rock Family Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA, dental implants fill empty tooth sockets with prosthetics that look, feel, and act like natural teeth.

A New Tooth

From crown to root, that's what a single-tooth dental implant is. The root inserts right into the jaw bone during an in-office procedure, and after the site heals, Dr. Chetty attaches a metal abutment post and customized porcelain crown.

As simple as that sounds, the science behind it is truly miraculous. The jaw bone fuses to the cylinder or screw-shaped titanium root through what scientists term "osseointegration." Osseointegration forms an inseparable bond between the bone and the implant which strengthens every time the patient bites on the finished dental implant.

This healing process takes months to accomplish. However, once finished, most dental implants succeed and stay put for decades, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness. The same goes for multiple dental implants or mini-implants (smaller versions of conventional implants) which anchor multi-tooth bridges or full dentures.

Qualifying for Dental Implants

Many older teens and adults make perfect candidates for dental implant procedures. At Eagle Rock Family Dentistry in Los Angeles, your dentist will carefully evaluate your oral and systemic health, take digital X-rays, and make a three-dimensional scan of your face and jaw. These diagnostics give them the necessary information to form a treatment plan.

Life with Implants

Once finished, your dental implant (or implants) will deliver a smile that's attractive and fully functional. You'll be able to eat your favorite foods easily, speak uninhibitedly, and smile with confidence. No one but you and your dentist will know you've had a tooth replacement procedure! Plus, you can count on a healthy jaw bone, gum tissue, and facial contours that look full and youthful.

Finally, dental implants stay bright and healthy with just routine twice a day brushing and once a day flossing. See Dr. Chetty twice a year for a check-up and professional cleaning, and if you're a smoker, ask your primary care doctor about a program to help you quit. Cigarettes threaten implant retention.

Your Consultation

Your Eagle Rock dentists are happy to answer all the questions you have about dental implants and more, just call (323) 258-2885. Dr. R.K. Chetty and Dr. Chethan Chetty are ready and waiting to help you achieve your perfect smile!

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